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Cigar Smokers


Ready to race!
Bethlehem Pa
Anyone else here enjoy a cigar here and there? I smoke cigars when I have the time. This weekend I was able to sneak in 2 cigars, first I've had in months.

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I think it would be awesome have a fresh rolled one

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I prefer them aged. One favorite is Perdomo Lot 23.

Grown 2008
Harvested 2009
Fermented for a year
Aged 2010-2014
Smoking now!

I’ve had fresh rolled and they’re just ok.


Ready to race!
I think it would be awesome have a fresh rolled one

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Over-rated. Having a roller putting the wrapper on there is just for novelty. The manufacturers, after they roll it, age the cigars for some time before they package and ship the cigars

On very rare occasions, yes. We're lucky CI is right here in town; I assume you've been?
I used to go to the Superstore in Bethlehem on occasions.


Ready to race!
When I get a chance, I grab a smoke in Laguna Beach, where smoking is prohibited by local ordinance. But the city allows smoking at the cigar shop there.
Which shop do you go to? I work in Irvine/NPB and usually smoke at some local smoke-friendly bars in north OC but have frequented Tobacco Barn on occasion.

Frank Reynolds

Ready to race!
So Cal
Super novice to the hobby but enjoying it lately. Picked these up recently for a holiday party.

I also went to Davidoff of Geneva in Vegas last month. Cool spot with a nice selection, not just Davidoff. I bought my buddy a cigar he really wanted to try I think it was called Opus X. Man, it was good!
As mentioned, I’m super new to this but if it’s anything like my beer and whiskey addiction, I’ll be able to speak intelligently with you fellas eventually. Cheers