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  • i am unable to post in the forums due to being new but am really looking for some help here.. i have a 2009 GTI auto. CBFA 6 months ago i had a lot of problems which led me to needing a new transmission sensor. then 3 months ago my engine failure light started going off when i made turns at anything over normal speeds. i guessed it might be the oil which was a bit low and the problem went away but is now back.. up until yesterday i had never heard any noises but yesterday when making a turn at approx. 10 mph the engine failure note when off again and had an awkward thumping noise.. no lights stay on and the car drives fine but i am worried about any long term damage
    White. There could be other old farts driving GTI's, and I think white is the most common color.
    I'll be 60 in March. Some say I look 50. See, driving "kid's" cars will keep you young!
    So how old are you?

    I believe my friend Don aka "WasabiPossum" is the oldest here! He may have you beat!
    From what I've read, I'm three times the average age of a GTI owner. This is my 2nd GTI. If any car maker made a similar car I would look at it. But as you know, they don't. I need decent carrying capacity and automatic, I like something small, and I must have a car that's reasonably fast. Since we only have the one car, there's no other choice.
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