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  • I'm pretty sure you can't view the photos on my Flickr site (I had them set as "private" ). Do you have an e-mail address where I can send them directly to you?

    DCC - Yes, I have it. The main reason was the Pretoria 19” wheels and the low tyre profile. I wanted to have the possibility to run it in “comfort mode”. I think it’s well worth the money. There is rather big difference between the settings Comfort/Normal/Race. 90 % I have it in Normal.

    I also ordered the so called panoramic roof.

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    I posted to it yesterday. Trying to make sense of all this. I want the DSG in the Golf R. I have a 2007 GTI that I am in the midst of building to 361HP and a BBK and more. If this is coming in a DSG I'm going to canx the rest of my mods.
    Hey. Need some advice on my car. I've looked around but can't find a definite answer.
    I put a cold air intake on my car which is a 2009 GLI 2.0 TSI and I've heard that the blow back can bust the DV. Also heard that my model came with a higher performance DV but again just hear say and that its not equiped to run a blow off valve. I would appreciate your input on this matter.
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