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  • Hey zrickety, are you located in the LA/SoCal area? What is the reasonable range for carbon cleaning and chain/tensioner replacement? I am wondering if these prices are normal for my area...
    I'm south of Atlanta, GA. I've heard of carbon cleaning in the $300 range. The timing chain tensioner can vary quite a bit depending parts. If you don't do extended oil changes you probably don't need the chain or guides. I'll send you a PM.
    I am new to this so please forgive me if I do not know the correct terminology. I am looking for the so called "black box" in my GTI so I can get a reading out on the data codes for when the engine failed. Dealership is not being truthful with answers and I would like to know more. If you are able to assist I would appreciate any information I am able to get so I can continue to research.
    Thanks for the info. I really want to spend the money on it, but I will catch hell from the wife if I have to spend $1500 on clutch because I upgraded it. Also, do you have a concealed/hidden subwoofer. I currently have an older 10" subwoofer in a bandpass box that takes up alot of room in the trunk. I have been looking at the JL Audio stealthbox, but I am starting to get interested in the UberStealth hidden box that goes by the sparewheel as well. I haven't seen many posts on this subject. I may have to start one. Again...thanks for the info. I do appreciate it.
    I am debating on getting the APR stage 1 with intake for mine, but I'm worried about the clutch slipping. I really don't want to deal with spending more money on getting clutch just so I can play around with an extra 50 hp (although, I do want to play around with the extra hp). Have you had any issues with your stock clutch and how long have you had your stage 1+ tune?
    True. I went to autozone for an oil filter, told the guy Volkswagen and he said, 'oh that's a bad word.' Lol.
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