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  • Hi Sonny. Was looking into getting new tires for my mk7. Interested in ride comfort most but also grip in dry and wet. Looking between the michelin as3+ the pirelli p zero as plus and the continental extreme contact. Any suggestions? Thanks!
    Hi Sonny,

    I'm considering a set of Enkei Raijins in silver for my 2012 GTI.

    Couple of questions:

    1. Are lug nuts included with the purchase?
    2. Is there a more plug and play solution for the VW center cap? I saw that people are using the 66mm cap. It fits well but the tabs don't grab and the stuff people are doing doesn't inspire long term confidence! ;)
    3. ETA on delivery if I order in the next week?

    Hi Sonny,

    I'm shopping around for a full set of Bilstein B6 struts and shocks for my '13 GTI. Can I get a quote with shipping (78681) and tax from TireRack?

    Ryan Wagner
    Hi Sonny,

    Installed my Goodyear WRT's yesterday. After checking the pressure this morning, it appears they were mislabeled. I left the "drivers side" "passenger side" stickers on until after I finished, but the rotational arrows on the tires are counter clockwise in the back. Sort of a pain, thought I would give you heads up.

    Thanks alot. I'm rethinking about the tires to replace my 19 inch stock Pirellis on my 2010 GTI...just about to push the trigger in next few days (before I get my car inspected and get dinged for my bald tires) and thinking about the all weather tires (instead of summer tiers). I am thinking keep the winter tires for "true" winter (IE I'd rather have all season tires for spring/fall, when temperatures ossiclate between 30F-60F on day to day basis , as if I switch from summer to winter too early in the season, I'd miss out on some spirited driving with my less performance oriented winter tires).
    I see you have 2 choices in stock:
    Continental Extreme contact DWS
    General G-max AS-03
    How would you compare then? I think I'm going towards the Continental. Are they pretty decent for road noise - that is really what bothers me most about the stock 19 inch Pirellis that came with the car.
    I am going to get new tires for my 2010 VW GTI in the next couple of months. I currently have the original manufacturer's all weather 19 inch tires (Pirellis). I was wondering about your recommendation for some better tires. They hold the road well, but not like the current tires as they are loud on concrete roadway.
    (I have purchased winter tires Tire Rack this fall, so I think summer tires would be fine).
    So, what would you recommend for a good performance summer tire that makes less noise than the manufacturer tire? Plan would be to order from TireRack and get them installed on my manufacturer alloy wheels at one of your recommended tire shop.
    Thank you so much for your time!

    ps: perhaps starting a summer tire thread on the forum would be helpful to all, like you did with the winte tire thread?
    I have a mk6 GTD running 19" wheels. I am looking for a set of winter wheels and tires if you may be able to help?
    Hey was interested in some of the wheels I have seen on you website - just wondering if TireRack can/do ship a set of wheels to Australia, and if so how much would the shipping charges be approximately for 4 17x7.5 wheels+ method of shipping and estimated delivery time. Thanks -Mani.
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