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  • YellowC4S,

    I found your post (below) about upgrading your Dynaudio and was wondering if your plan did in fact work?

    Tell me if this will work and if not, why

    Factory HU---Dynaudio DSP/Amp---LC2i---BitOne---4ch amp-(4x125 front) + 5ch amp-(4x100 rear + 1x300 sub)

    Installing BitOne post factory DSP/Amp means I still retain RNS-315 Bal/Fad/Tone control with no CANBUS issues because the HU still sees the factory amp. 8 Dynaudio drivers in car still running active. BitOne will undo factory DSP but will still retain factory x-over settings. Not sure about factory T/A. LC2i provides signal for 9th channel (sub) or I could use a miniDsp. Amplifiers are Zuki Eleets 4ch for fronts and Zuki Eleets 5ch Hybrid for rears and sub. Sub is JL Audio Stealthbox with either JL Audio sub or REI sub. I feel the factory Dynaudio drivers are ok, just underpowered and could benefit from a Sub. If they prove to be unsatisfactory, will replace with Hertz MLK2 TW front and rear or Jehnert.

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