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  • Hey! You seem like the resident stance-guy, and that's what I'm wondering about. I have some 19x8.5 et 48 and 19x9.5 et 48s, and I would like some help on deciding on what tires I should be rocking. If I want them stretched, does that just mean that they are literally stretched so that they look more narrow from the wheel to the edge of the tire? I saw in another thread that you said 215/40s were the way to go on the 19.5s in the back.. Would these need to be stretched, and would I need the same size tires in the front? I'm sorry for asking so much, but I need to get my head straight, and you seem like the guy to ask! Does the tire/wheel size affect how the speedometer runs? Do I need to maintain the same overall size as stock? Anything else I should know? I'll tell you: I don't know anything about tires. I'd like to be sitting pretty low and aggressive, but I'm going to get height adjustable coils and keep my 17" Denvers for the winters, so in the summers I should be OK. If you have anything to add, or if you don't just completely disregard this (;)), I appreciate it!
    I have seen you before i think i got the only two door golf tdi in town
    hi i was directed your way in hope you can help me if you have the time figure out in choosing the right tire fitment for my bbs rs rims. I have 17 inch i cant recall anything else then its a 17 inch and i order bigger lips from the tunershop website. i went with 1.50 x 17 for the fronts and 2.50x 17 for the rears please if you have time id appreciate it :]

    hey man ive seen you twice in the past 2 day. i was going to wipe around yesterday, but i didnt wanna be a creeper
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