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  • Finally Sold those 16" BBS RS's....I made an appointment with a local body shop to remove my back badge and shave my front. New wheels by spring.
    Yeah i bought them, ive been trying to sell them about a month in. just way to small looking. Ive had them up on ebay and vwvortex since may. once sold going to get some raderwerks. big mistake splurging on them.
    your Quote "Vagina Ears for life" 2nd on that...i took mine out in Jan and they are still a double zero. Totally worth it tho.
    HOW THE FUCK DO PEOPLE MAKE THE CEREAL STAY IN ONE SPOT OF THE MILK SO THEY CAN SPELL SHIT OUT?!?! I sat here for like 30 minutes trying to make something for you with my fruit loops :(
    Sounds good man. I know what its like, I used to work two jobs at once and didnt have a day off for about 6 months but the money to mod the car was coming in non stop.
    Sorry to bug you about it, i for some reason was compelled to ask you. If you do let me know.
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