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  • Hello Red RABBIT,
    should i keep the wheels u just bought, i am little concernes cause are 7 inch and i travel a lot speed up ti 165mph.
    hey have question. i'm droppig my car 2", then im putting on raderwerk mten's 18x8 et35/42. what tire size would you recommend
    yo nathan
    victor is wondering if you're still at volco, apparently the camber for his rims were completely off and the tires he bought from you are done

    he needs new summers and winters! lmk whats up
    They will sit about the same as stock, just a touch more in and out because they are wider, but very minimal. 235 would be no problem on that wheel
    Dude first of all thank u for your services and here i go with my question.. I have a 07 gti and the wheels that i like are 18x8' with a 50 offset, if im not wrong this will move the wheel and tire to the inside of the wheelwell, right?? in order to run a wider tire (235 or 245).. Am i correct?? any suggestions would be welcomed and, thank u again..

    hey man, how are you enjoying those fk's?

    im thinking about getting a set.
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