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    I am new to this.

    Which VCDSHEX do you use?

    Thank you
    The front/rear emblems are from

    but I do not see them anymore on their website. I do not remember how much I paid for my tails but I bought them from ebay a long time ago. They're plug and play and easy to install. You just need to code them with a vag-com to get rid of a bulb out error. CF insert is also from ebay (China) I think that the one from the link below is the same. You can also buy a piece of CF printed vinyl and DIY. It's easy to take the rear emblem off.
    Hey I saw in some pics u had a different rear emblem that also had cf inserts. It looks pretty sick. Where can I get both and how much did u pay for for your tails? Were they difficult to install or just plug and play?
    man still waiting for my euro switch... ecs should get them in stock at the end of the month. With that said, i wanna replace my city lights with white leds to match headlights.. are you running led's in your car? was gonna order the ones from ecs but 50 bucks for two led bulbs seems kinda steep! Also would like to match the fogs with rest of the lights. maybe you can point me in the right direction. should i just grab the city & fog leds from ecs?
    thanks for your help man. Been reading everyones posts on this subject but there is so many different opinions on this. Really i just want nice bright white led bubls that will not cause me any problems down the line.
    thanks for your feedback.
    i will order the switch and get in touch with you once i swap them out.
    hey man, nice ride! read through some of your posts & came across your pics
    of just the city lights on. looks pretty awesome!
    i'm gonna order the euro switch from ECS here soon and was wondering if you had the ross-tech software or know anyone that does. I'm close by you, Streamwood.
    If you wanna help me out & make some cash, shoot me an email!
    Hey man i was wondering if you could help. I bought the grill and got it painted. My bumper has two things that come up and don't allow the grill to sit correctly for install. Did you have this problem ?
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