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  • Hey Meat man! I'm about to do a brake pad swap and saw your DIY on the subject(which is great btw), and I was wondering about the tool needed you called a M14 triple square. Is this bolt head standard on all GTIs or do some have a hex head, because I saw another video where a guy uses a standard 7mm hex bit?? Also is a triple square the same as a 12point or a spline bit? Thanks a lot brother.
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    hey Meat! i checked out your DIY brake thread and then went and did my brakes myself. thanks for the tutorial, it made the project a cinch. i have a question for ya: im thinking i have to change the wheel bearing now, should i go with the OEM ones from VW or can you recommend some that might even be better? oh and i have a 2008 Rabbit.
    hey i was looking into your brake change DIY but i dont seem to know anyone around my area that has the m14 tool i need to change my rotors and brakes for my rear so do u know anyplace where i can buy that one piece thanks man
    Hey gotta ask, i see in your signature that you have sparco seats. What type and how do you like them?
    yo meat!
    r u still in town give me a call 727-512-0884 me and mike will be down to chill if ur still here
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