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  • The green oil seems pretty good (about the same as the Leichtlauf High Tech), but you can't tell it's UV after its run for a few minutes.
    what do you think of the new Molygen oil? I'm currently using the Leichtlauf High Tech and I like it.
    I have read your build thread/reviews and they are very informative. I am looking to upgrade the pendulum mount on my 2010 GTI. I am currently apr stage 1, stock suspension. I do plan on stage 2 eventually. Do you have any suggestions for the pendulum mount? and should I upgrade all the other mounts at the same time.

    Thanks for any input you can provide.
    Have you uprated your clutch, if so what rout did you go?
    did you stay DMFW or go SMFW?

    39,900 mi on OEM clutch, it started slipping today (in 6th).
    I'm stock tune and drive it easy, most of the time but got WOT once in a while, but I'm in gear when I do it...

    Tagged you in a FB comment the other day regarding the Peloquins. Spoke with Gary on the phone this morning, mentioned your name in the initial email and on the phone call, he's a great guy. Ordered one today with the high torque application. In regards to shims, he said the 02Ms in the MK5s and our 02Qs in the MK6s don't require any shimming. Cut and dry job, just swap the planetary gear onto the closed diff and reinstall, simple as that. I imagine I'll take pics and try to put together a guide/review if I end up doing this myself. Thanks for recommending I speak with him! Again continued luck with the new build!

    Agreed Richard, sound and response will be different. I really like the true 3" design of the Unitronic intake all the way to the turbo inlet.
    Hey hyde, apologies if this has been asked before. I was wondering if you enjoyed from from a APR intake to the unitronics open style? I recently purchased a 2010gti and it came with the apr intake and stg 1 tune. Looking to get a Ecs tuning intake that just came out, with out the box. To me I don't think there's too much difference in terms of performance amongst intakes, just different sounds.

    Thanks for that great backstory, always helps when I look to recommend parts for people. As for the K04 it's the perfect sleeper bang for the buck, plenty of power and problem free for a daily driver. I actually drive my car year round on a daily basis, I find that the performance is just as fun in cold temps with snow tires. It basically becomes a winter rally car. We pay close attention to all bushings and suspension components and none have shown issues.
    Hi Ryan, I didn't realize posted to my message - thank you for taking the time to reply. Quick backstory; I'm 56 years old, live in Southern Westchester and have been a long time member of NASA and SCCA doing Auto-X events, TTs, Road Rallies and occasional HPDE's in the NE for over 30 years. Also spent sometime in the early '90's competing in SE-R Cup events. This all changed for me a little over 4 years ago due to a health issue. I am no longer able to drive an MT which was devastating as that’s all I have had or ever wanted to drive. So, it was time to suck it up and find an automatic. I had been reading a lot at the time about dual-clutches and there weren't many models around that were moderately priced. I wanted to get a feel for this new dual-clutch tranny before - say - investing in a Porsche - just to determine it wasn't right for me. Then along came the perfect option, the GTI. My intention was to try it and if I liked it move onto an upper level sports car that offered the dual-clutch. But, I have found myself really enjoying the GTI. It is my DD, I have less than 8K miles on it and it is coming up to the 4 year mark when I had planned on considering the upgrade. Over the years - as my health permits - I have been gradually improving the suspension and braking aspects of the car and find that this chassis, with the right parts, is quite a decent handler. I have surprised much more expensive cars when the roads start to get twisty. And, I do have to admit I have always enjoyed that feeling when I owned a psuedo "sleeper" car. The only thing left for me now is to decide to move onto the motor or not. I have one year left on the powertrain warranty at which time I would make the motor upgrades should the cost vs. hp/tq vs. vs. handling vs. "sleeper" factor seem worth it to me. I am starting to lean in this direction and would begin collecting the parts. Therefore, I'm starting to look into what the cost would be to bring the motor up to a reliable K04 spec or greater. Your review of the Tyrolsport rad was quite interesting to me. I believe many people overlook the aspects of proper cooling and the many benefits you listed in your response. I had been pondering the effects on water temps by separating the IC (Neuspeed) {blocks airflow to the rad though} from an upgraded rad vs. the stock location with upgraded IC/Rad. I went the Neuspeed option though one might note the negative handling impact to a fwd with those extra pounds hanging out there. As soon as I'm ready to buy the rad I will let Tyrol know you were quite influential in my decision. Right now, I do want to get their stage 2 RB and sell the XB I never installed. I will again let them know you helped with my decision. So, sorry for the short story. I see I got a little carried away. Just one last question Ryan; do you run all your parts, all year long, including our sub-freezing temps? I am also interested in the lower control arm with adjustable ball joint - curious as to how that material stood up to a northern winter.

    Thanks again for all the reviews - they are truly beneficial!!!

    Hi Hyde, I have been reading many of your reviews and wanted to thank you for taking the time and energy to truly help other forum members. It is people like yourself that make forums of use. These have been very helpful in determining the different parts for my own build. I did want to ask you a question off forum as I value your knowledge and opinions and don't want to start any debates. With the understanding that there is a significant cost different what do you believe would be the better IC option whether staying stock or going to K:

    1) Neuspeed + stock Rad
    2) Neuspeed +Tryrol Rad
    2) IE w/FDA feature + Tyrol Rad

    Thank you very much if you should have time to reply.

    No kidding...I've been worrying about this for weeks and have tightened down every clamp in my engine trying to get rid of this thinking I had a leak. I'm gonna stop worrying and go drive my car like a bat out hell. Thanks for the info, man.
    Hey man. I saw a thread of yours about a high pitched ringing/howl sound under acceleration...from 2011. The sound in your video clips is exactly what is happening to my car. Did you ever find out what the cause was? It's driving me crazy. Thanks.
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