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  • Hey Butch, thank you very much for the kind words, I really appreciate that and I'm glad I can help you out. For the intercooler, I have tested true front mount intercoolers and then the OE replacement intercoolers. I prefer a unit that replaces the OE intercooler location for several reasons (pressure drop, less piping and potential leaks, larger core). I am currently running the APR intercooler. If you were between Neuspeed and IE, I would take the IE with FDS technology. As for the radiator, how do you drive the car? Are you tracking, autocrossing or just daily driving? Are you in hotter climates? There is no doubt that the Tyrol Radiator is an amazing piece. From the CNC machined quick disconnects for the inlet and outlet to the actual core itself, it's a monster and a major upgrade from the OE radiator. I've seen coolant temps decrease ~30% which is big change which can affect engine oil/engine/exhaust/intake temps. If you're interested in the TyrolSport radiator, please PM me your email address, I would like to contact TyrolSport for you directly as I know them.
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