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  • "it's better, but it's certainly not five grands better than a GTI" this was my brother's answer when I asked him how is R compared to GTI (he had a gti before the R, so he had no reason whatsoever to be biased towards any of them)He also said "if time goes back, I would buy a GTI" <<< & this is why I'm aiming to get the mk7 GTI not mk7 R
    hmmmm I wouldn't say it doesn't worth its price tag, because compared to other sport cars you won't find any car that offers what the R offer for the same price (and have the same quality of course)......its more like GTI worth its price tag more than the R does :p
    I think bragging rights also contribute in buying an R rather than a GTI LOL. That look that you get from other Golf-owners makes you forget part of that extra 5 grands you paid. I've experienced that, except I was not the one who paid the extra 5000 hahahaha
    Modified R vs modified GTI>>this is where the R will shine! my brother has a Golf R (ABT tune, claimed 300HP) trust me from zero using launch control you can't catch that thing!! but "not from 0 km/h" it is what you said just a bit of extra power & slightly different bodykit.
    haha its just me, my brother likes the car but "freak" would be a powerful word to use for him, do you have any idea when the mk7 is hitting our showrooms? i head the the golf shud be here by jan or feb!! i almost got an mk6 gti two weeks ago then i retreated to wait for the mk7
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