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    Hi Sir
    I trust all is well,I am Martin from south africa,I just ordered limestone grey with panoramic sunroof,do you think this was the best decision?,because people are saying I should have taken white because it brings out the panoramic more.And compared to united grey,do u think limestone grey is better looking?.Cause I saw the pictures and I am worried that I choose a brownish colour.
    well I knew about the red stripe running through the headlights about 5 months before the official release (again: VW manager told me about it :p) so I was expecting something similar, and it wasn't a big shock for me when it came out, in fact I liked it!!

    hmmmm, ur car was stock?! if yes then something must be wrong with the gti you raced, it just doesn't work because we had three MK5 GTIs at home (still have two) & I know what this car is capable of...xD
    Nice video, I hate the badge they used on the side of the new gti and not a big fan of the red stripe running through the headlights but it's a concept let's hope they change those. Btw my mk6 1.4 tsi beat an mk5 gti!!!
    for me turbo is a Mandatory part in a car ;P damt I will never forget when I totalled my GTI a year ago, 28th November 2011...It was like suddenly missing someone who is really close to your heart :(

    I hope that we become the first to get the mk7, Ameen to this!

    btw I have a race of my gti on Youtube, check it out ;) well I lost the race...but tha car was just AMAZING
    i had a 1.4Tsi mk6 golf which i totalled a while ago, now im driving a proton now!! imagine how that feels after a turbo charged golf!!! but yea im all in for the mk7, so it doesnt bother me that im driving a proton cause i know it will get better...
    yalla lets hope me n u walk in together the first day the mk7 gti comes out and book it ;)
    according to Mr.Felix Miranda (VW Top Manager) mk7 should be here by July.
    that's good you didn't get a mk6,
    I have many friends who drive mk6, & I have driven both mk6 GTI & R (both modified) it is just mk5 with a slightly better interior & exterior, mk5 & 6 gti feel exactly the same to drive....mk7 however "should" be a totally new car!!

    I bought a Renault Megane sport few months ago, it is LITERALLY a piece of shit compared to GTI!! I'm trying to sell it already but no body wants to buy it lol I don't blame them xD
    currently driving a 2006 Avalon, what about you what do you drive?? :p
    haha its just me, my brother likes the car but "freak" would be a powerful word to use for him, do you have any idea when the mk7 is hitting our showrooms? i head the the golf shud be here by jan or feb!! i almost got an mk6 gti two weeks ago then i retreated to wait for the mk7.... what do you drive right now?
    Hi, i though i was the only Golf freak in Bahrain
    good to see theres others with me here too.
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