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  • Hi Ed,

    Do you happen to have any 2012 MK6 Golf R LED Tails without Fog kits available? If not, do you know when/if they will be restocked?

    Hey Ed I got my tinted mk7 taillights today and you accidentally sent me 2 right outer taillights. I emailed you with pics as well. Thanks for your time.
    Order a set of euro last week but upon installing it the driver side reversed bulb is out along with the fitment for the driver side, look like OEM from China need to be look at
    Hi Ed, I bought a set of LED tails from you last year and am very happy with them. You have a good product. However, while parked at a shopping mall, someone must have slammed into them because I have a crack on one of the LED tails. Do you sell individual pieces? What I'm looking for is just the outside, passenger side LED tail light in Dark Red. Please let me know if you have this piece. Thank you.
    I ordered lights from you a couple months ago, and up until last week everything has been fine...This past week or two i keep getting an error to check daytime running light intermittently. Have you come across this issue before, any advice would be greatly apperciated


    hello Ed, i have sent you an email regarding Option 3, Black with 15 LED + HID Kit, not sure you got the email thou,

    anyway, i want to but a set

    please send me the payment details so i pay and give you the shipping address details,

    cheers mate
    hi ed, my names callum, im looking for a replacement ballast for my chinese rep headlamps, they are golf r style projector with 2 lamp lenses one is hid one is halogen,
    im ideally wanting the round ballast / cover if you get my meaning, i prefer this look to the other hid ballast with boxes and cables etc, the round ballast looks more oem.

    regards callum
    Ed, I have a 2012 GTI with the 15led Xenon lights, I hit debris on the highway yesterday and broke the clear lens on my RH light. everything else is fine, can that be fixed, the dealer wants $768 for the whole unit and I have been looking everywhere for a replacement light.
    Hello ED, are the 15 LED Bi-Xenon Headlights still available for a 2011 GTI 4door?


    Hi Ed,

    I would then like to purchase the kit (option 1) with the 35W ballast HID kit 5000k for 550$.

    Here is my paypal e-mail:

    You can send me the invoice for the kit and I'll have you paid in no time.

    What is the estimated time on shipping for the complete kit to the following address:

    ATTN: Kevin or Kapriyel Ferah
    9371 Wanklyn
    Lasalle, Quebec
    H8R 1Z2

    Thank you Ed,

    Warm Regards,

    Kevin Ferah,
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