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    I was wondering if you would be able to give me info on the headlights for my 2013gti with halogen bulbs? I tried with a test light but didn't really help. Thank you in advance
    hey ed i payed the invoice for the dark cherry euro r reps and was wondering on the status if i get one etc. like a tracking # etc. thanks
    Hey man, I purchased some of your headlights a few years back (mkv gti hid replica for a rabbit) and they were recently destroyed in a hit and run accident. i need to tell the insurance company where more can be purchased. is there anywhere you have a listed price for these?
    Ed, just curious what it would cost to get black projector headlights and euro tails shipped to virginia? i have HID's ready to install but i don't want to blind everyone with my stock halogen housings.
    Hi Ed, I have finally decided to buy the Tinted Cherry Red LED Tail lights. How would I go about doing this?

    Thanks, Matt
    Ed, I have been quietly watching how everyone seems to go to you when they want Led Tails for their GTI and now I am convinced that I need to get some for my 2011 CSG GTI. It is a bad time right now to get some in Cherry Red unless you recommend something else?

    Also, I don't really like using paypal, but I have a great credit card.

    Thanks, Mike
    Hi Ed..... I was wondering if you have any kind of update on the headlights and hid kit I order? And also my taillights have been in San Francisco since the 22nd.
    Hi im from Macedonia i whant to buy Option 4 - Chrome OEM look with 15 LEDs - $610 do you ship to Macedonia tnx
    I purchased a set of r20 side skirts last week. I went to install today. Is there supposed to be 3 clips on the top edge for the long strip to attatch to? It looks like they have been cut off flush at the bottom. Therefore i don't have anywhere for the 3 attatchments on the long strip to clip to. Please advise.
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