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  • Hey,

    Great ride!! I love how clean it is. I saw that you changed to a badgeless Golf R grill. How did you get rid of the little gap on the hood?
    I know I haven't kept up with this forum. Barely have time to keep up wish any other forums! Love the vagina! haha
    Hey Dave,
    I was just wondering if you got Rid of the CEL you had for the CbfA Block off plate that goes to the breather filter? i saw in your build that you deleted it but it thru a CEL.

    Caravan information update for the SoCalEuro Big Gathering.

    When: 8am July 30th, 2011

    Where: Serra High School, Corner of Santo and Tierrasanta Blvd.,-117.104681&spn=0.001286,0.001206&t=h&z=20

    Stuff to Bring:
    -Sun block
    -Bottled water, juice, sodas and snacks
    -Folding chairs & easy up tent (if you have one)
    -Boombox & should I say some dope beats? I’d go with iPod & portable speakers... Lol
    -Instant detail product of your choice & microfiber cloths (be shiny!)
    -Camera (photos or it didn’t happen!)
    in oceanside too man, i got a UG have a silver gli by any chance....?
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