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  • look into a votex kit, and lower it! lower it first though, it will help immensly with the look
    hey bud dont mean to bother but hope you can help.
    I just bought gti 2009 black 6 speed manual. But would like to make it look nicer. Anny suggestions? Body kit wise or some clues? Yours looks nice, i wish i could see some more pictures though. Any how hope u will write something.
    Haha 6 pack huh, im thinkin a 12 an a fifth of jack, lol. But no really arthur dont charge he is a good dude, u jus gotta let me kno whats good for u. I myself am in the military an actually bout to be deployed the 17th, so i dont got alot of time left. Anyway, jus lmk whats good so i can hoom up wit arthur, he just went stg2+ , so i
    tryin to get a ride anyway.. How bout weds?
    Hmm, I don't go to Best Buy that often, but it coulda been my GLI. I work at Ashford University down in San Diego. We're up in O'side because my wife is in the military.
    Anyways, yeah I'd be up to meet. Never done anything like this before since I haven't had my VW that long. Do you just usually bring a 6 pack and then get right into it?
    Haha i seen uin the beat buy parkin lot off to the sideon several occasions, well i seen ur car not u, is that where u work? Hadi seen ya i def woulda came over. Anyway i got viking445 (arthur) to vag my car, we could meet up sometome man n ill take ya to him...?
    By the way, who'd you get to Vag-Com your ride?
    I really wanna disable the DRLs and enable the windows up/down with the key fob.
    Yeah, where'd you see me at?
    I see a few GTIs & GLIs around, but no one seems to acknowledge one another.
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