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  • seen you on this forum a number of times but just noticed what your avatar actually is...badass man! just saw them in scottsdale a few weeks ago!
    What did you end up with as HID fog replacements for stock GTI lighting? Where from? I tried DDM Tuning and saw nothing listed for the MK6. Color temp you chose? I'm looking for a kit and lighting that will approximate the 4300-5000K of the Bi-Xenons in my 2011 GTI. Thanx.
    like shit ): printers f'd it all up so i never got to print it and i never did spend enough time on it. but it looked pretty good :\ i have the pdf of it if you wanna see how lame it is lol.
    hey man, how do you like your all white front end?

    i got luminics ultrawhite for fogs and lowbeam (halogens) and getting some white 2w leds for the city lights..all on order! plus the p2spec license plate leds of course!

    I am afraid all the white light show on front might look rice-ish =X
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