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    Switched to S4

    Had an ongoing issue with my left foot, likely aggravated by stop and go traffic lead me to start considering a trade to an automatic transmission. I've always wanted to try out the B8/8.5 S4, so I started looking around. I test drove a few and really enjoyed the ride quality and instantaneous...
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    Austin TX - Bilstein PSS & Eurocode Braces

    I sold my car and am selling a few parts. Would prefer local pickup on them or can meet you half way if anywhere near central Texas. Might be willing to ship (added cost) if they don't sell locally. Prices are firm. Parts have ~10k miles on them 1. Bilstein B14 (PSS) coilovers $575 2. Eurocode...
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    Austin TX Part Out

    Planning to trade my car in within the near future and have some parts I'm selling. Would be for local pick up in Austin. 1. Bilstein B14 PSS Coilovers ~10k miles SOLD 2. APR Downpipe SOLD 3. Eurocode Under Brace (black) SOLD 4. Eurocode Rear Brace (black) SOLD 5. Kurt 1 1/4" receiver hitch -...
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    Honda Civic R

    Hmm. It looks like a crossover. The Accord crossover. So not very sporty.
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    What's the most EFFED UP movie that you've seen?

    An honorable (dishonorable?) mention would go to the original Oldboy (Korean version). Such a jacked up twist.
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    VW Passes Up Toyota Sales

    Looks like VW outsold VW in 2016. 10.31 million vehciles versus Toyota's 10.175 million. Sauce
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    The bike thread - mountain, road, fat, TT, DJ, cross... what are you riding?

    Epic Bump ^ I have two mountain bikes but never got into road biking '15 Spec Camber Comfortable, flies downhill, but harder to pedal '13 Niner Air 9 RDO Really light, easy climbing, really sensitive
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    US spec 2018 Tiguan Revealed

    I wonder why the low power output? Maybe it's for fuel economy or that they're going to offer an uprated variant?
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    Basic Build - dave1078's GTI

    Figured it would be worth making a thread to track changes and events with my car. It's a a '16 GTI SE MT with PP and LP. I'll add more detail about mods/review things as I get more time. Feel free to ask questions about any mods. Engine & Transmission Mods BMS Clutch Stop OEM TT Short Shifter...
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    Fiesta ST vs. MK7 GTI. My test drive review and opinion request!

    It's probably more about the drive than the features, right? Less numb feeling, I'd bet.
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    If you could have any other Mk, what would it be?

    Did you ever have that awful top vent "diffuser" rattle? Drove me crazy. But yes... great car.
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    If you could have any other Mk, what would it be?

    I'd go for a MKIV R32. I like the way those look and sound.
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    WCI - RIP

    Like this?