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  • hey how is it going caleb?

    So which wheel did you end up getting from Konig? I was also looking into the ampliform ones. My only concern is, that I want to use VW center caps instead of using any other aftermaket wheel center caps. Would that be possible with the apliforms?
    Things are going well, but slow. I had major spinal surgery, could not drive for 3 months. I just had my third visit with the surgeon. I'm healing well, but my left leg and foot are weaker than the right. So, they are making a brace for my left foot, of course I have a clutch, so we'll see how it works out. Thanks for asking. Did you get the RSe52's?
    Hi, sorry for the late response, some medical issues. Yes, I highly recommend these wheels, they are made for these cars.
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