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    SoCo Euro Club page - not sure if they are doing anything this weekend tho.
  2. caleb.mk7

    Error: Service Vehicle

    Scheduled for the micro switch fix this month.
  3. caleb.mk7

    034 dogbone parts

    Is this the 2nd reboot thats less prone to bending?
  4. caleb.mk7

    APR downpipe + AWE catback for GTI $800

    DMd, I live right in your area!
  5. caleb.mk7

    DSG Shift Knobs

    Thanks again! I have a knob sitting around and want to try this some weekend..!
  6. caleb.mk7

    DSG Shift Knobs

    Oh good I was starting to worry I was "special". So embarrassing when you have a passenger looool.. Still interested in how you made your adaptor.. I wouldn't mind a DIY knob! I think you've explained it on other threads but i'm still hopeless!
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    DSG Shift Knobs

    A little off topic, but does anyone else ever forget that they're not in manual mode and try to shift up only to put the car in Neutral and rev out? I hate that there's not a lockout while in D to prevent this..
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    Selling car, remove APR tune?

    No TD1 and I had removed my JB4 so the vehicle was very stock. ;) No problems but an ECU flash would've been another story..
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    Selling car, remove APR tune?

    When I traded in my GTI, the dealership had me sign a document that agreed that the vehicle had been not modified for race. So you might be committing fraud if you trade it in and not tell anyone... 🤫
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    What do you think of this intercooler?

    On my local craigslist - Twin Intercooler for 2015+ VW Golf R GTI MK7 MQB "No issues with fitment. This is NOT the Forge twintercooler copy, this is the bigger and better Mabotech copy. " Looks like here is the original ebay listing Considering picking up.
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    Short Throw Weighted Shift Knob - Boomba Racing

    Best bang for your buck! Get the short shift adapter too.
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    Bass causing door rattles (non-Fender audio)

    I have an S. I wish I had the Fender, but I'm fine with the bass in this car. It seems like its "good enough". But most songs make awful rattles in my drivers door. Sometimes the rattles are so bad on certain songs they're unplayable. Other songs have heavy bass lines with no rattles (must be a...
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    Amber Marker Lamp Deletes

    I'd like to discuss marker lamps. I love my GTI, but I don't have a LP. I hate the way my mk7 halogens look. The mk7.5 ones are a little better. I've already swapped to LED H7s courtesy of deAutoLED. And the light looks great. But the housings are still so ugly. I never take pictures of my front...
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    I messed up somehow

    I just finished wash/ironx/clay/jescars power lock + I’m really happy with the results but I messed up the drivers side. Either I didn’t clay well enough or I failed to buff off the power lock in that area and let it dry accidentally. I’m not sure which. Anyone have any ideas where I went...