WTS: Integrated Garage Opener Kit


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I am selling custom made garage opener kit.

It looks/lights/functions as if it came from factory.

The garage opener button is on top "SET" button (Thieves will not be able to open your garage since it does not say homelink or garage), and middle one is not functioning since we don't get "Park Assist", but it lights up and dims with same color.
Bottom one is "Park Pilot" that functions the same way as it came with the car.

It is compatible/programmable with any Lift Master / Chamberline garage openers (even with advanced rolling code ones).

Pretty much plug and play. All you have to do is connect negative to any chassis or ground point, and ignition on.

I used OEM repair wires to make it more oem look, but you can simply use "Add a Fuse" on any applicable fuse.

Once the switch module is removed from the 10 pin connector, the other two repair wire ends (pictured below) plugs into the oem 10 pin connector plug. which are on positions #9 and #10 - these are marked on the base of the connector

After install, you need to follow regular garage remote programming per your garage opener instruction. The "SET" button works just like any garage opener remote.

$100 Shipped to lower 48 states.

PayPal Gift (friend and family) or add 4% Fee ($104 total) for regular payment.