Summer Time and Discover Nav System.

In the car setup menu, I set my time to be controlled by GPS, thinking that this would result in auto control of the clock. When I turned the car on today, I waited patiently for the time to go forward by an hour. Nothing happened, so I checked the setup and found another box to tick for DST, which I guess is Daylight Saving Time. Looks like this will have to be unticked when Summer Time comes to an end. Seems a bit odd that this cannot look after itself, or have I missed something?


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I had to do the same.


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I have the Composition Media System, and I'm surprised that clock time can't be taken and updated from DAB broadcasts.
True. Much simpler than the fiddly process to set the clock on my wife's Polo. Presumably the GPS control means that the minutes are controlled accurately, so the time should be reliable.


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I have noticed the clock hasn't updated today to the fall time (1 hour behind) so I have started digging in the infotainment menu, the manual and on the internet and found this topic. I find it really poor for VW that the setting Summer (DST) hasn't got any direct automatic use and that the clock is not updating automatically for summer/fall time and you still have to manually thick that box twice a year. In the manual it clearly states: Automatic summer time: the time will adjust automatically.
I am wondering if indeed for the Nav Pro it works? Could this be a bug in the software of Discover Nav?


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