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I took possession of my 2015 GTI Autobahn DSG with the Lighting Package a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't be loving it more. It's truly a big improvement in almost every way, and really a big step up in both luxury and performance coming from a 2013 MK6 Autobahn 6-speed. For those of you who want the Performance Package in the US, it doesn't come out until about August I was told. I wouldn't have opted for the PP even if it was available, the XDS has served me well enough on my stage II MK6, and when/if I do go big turbo on my MK7, I have a feeling I'd want to go for an aftermarket dif vs the OEM unit. The brakes I can upgrade myself if I feel like it/start auto-xing more. I'm planning on getting a tune of course, so the extra 10 hp bump would have been worthless.

Driving impressions vs MK6 GTI:
  • It's a much faster car all around, I would bet it wouldn't have any issues keeping up with a stage 1 MK6.
  • The exhaust is much louder than the MK6, and the soundaktor makes the car a lot meaner sounding in Sport mode. But overall in any mode, the exhaust has more of a throaty note to it vs the MK6 being mostly a deep, bassy note.
  • The steering is more sensitive than in the MK6, and the MK7 feels like a more substantial car when driving around. I leave the steering in sport mode always.
  • DSG is pretty much as jerky around town as my 08 GTI was, maybe it needs to be broken in a bit. I leave it in manual mode most of the time in the city.
  • DSG farts are a little quieter than in my 08, but still can be heard prevalently.
  • Interior noise is greatly reduced. I used to have issues holding a conversation with anyone in the back seats on the highway in my MK6, that's not an issue at all in the MK7.
  • Rpm are at around 2k at 70 mph, much better than in my MK6. Fuel economy is much higher according to the MDI, which was always fairly accurate on my MK6.

The dealership took my 2013 2DR Autobahn 6-speed with 16,000 miles as a trade in for $23,000, and now have it listed for $28,000 on the lot. They are still selling the 2014 MK6 Wolfsburgs for about $28,000 also. I paid $32,510 for my MK7 Autobahn.

Feel free to ask any questions, here are some quick phone photos:

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whaaaaaat! bro congrats! what a beauty! By the way, those LED DRL, do they all 4 light up like the R?

Thanks man! I'm absolutely loving it. :D

Do you mean the LED fogs? The DRL's are just the U-shaped lights around the headlights, shown at the top left corner of this website. If you leave it in Auto mode and pull the switch out to activate the fogs, it will turn on the headlights, DRL's, and the fogs, which are all full LED unlike on the MK6 with xenons. The fogs only have three vertical lights, and they look sick in full LED white. I tried taking picks, but they don't turn out right at all with my phone.

The headlights also have a specific sport mode that makes them steer and adjust more quickly.


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LOL. Congrats! :cool:



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congrats! looking good

what do you have planned for it?