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Proclip phone mounts are now available from Aristocrat Autosport! All Proclip mounts are custom tailored to work with each vehicle they are designed for. These mounts are manufactured in Sweden using machined/hand tooled high quality ABS plastic and are not mass produced using injection molding.

Proclip mounts are designed as two pieces - a vehicle mount and a device mount and are sold separately. There are multiple vehicle mounts available for the MK7 platform which will allow you to best suit your mounting preference. Device holders are semi-universal and can be used to use a variety of devices such as phones, Cobb accessports, and even tablets (please note that tablets and larger devices require the extra strength mount).

Here are MK7 specific vehicle mounts: These have pre-drilled holes which allow you to place a vehicle mount into a higher or lower position on the plate if you so desire.

Angled Mount : This mount is designed to fit in between the trim seams and provides a mounting solution that does not block any air vents or controls compared to other phone mounts. This is the most popular mount for MK7.

Left Mount - This mount is designed to fit on the driver-side air vent for easy access and provides a short cable route to the OBD II port.

Center Dash Mount - This solution is best for those with 2015 models without MIB II for Android auto/Apple carplay as it provides easy viewing for Google/Apple Maps.

Center Mount - Extra Strength - This mount is designed for those who wish to use heavier devices such tablets or other heavier devices. Unlike the standard mounts, this mount uses a reinforcement clipped to the back of the dashboard to support the increased weight. This does not require drilling or dismantling of the dashboard.

Device Mounts: - Device mounts can be used in portrait or landscape mode depending on the mount, and have a swiveling ball attachment for adjustment (except for magnetic mounts). The ball mechanism has a screw-type mechanism for a "set it and forget it" adjustment that will not move if accidentally bumped.

Standard holder - Device specific: This a device holder which is custom designed to fit specific phones without a case. These holders are not adjustable.

Adjustable phone holder These are adjustable mounts with a screw type locking mechanism for a "set it and forget it" fitment which will not loosen over time or under force to prevent your device from falling out. These are designed to fit phones with cases within a certain size with multiple mounts available.

Device specific charging holder for hard-wired installation These are device specific charging cradles for phones without cases and are designed to be hard-wired to a permanent power source in the vehicle, leaving USB ports and outlet ports available for other devices.

MagicMount Pro Charge with Pro-clip adapter and tilt-swivel This is a Magicmount wireless charger and magnetic phone mount with an adapter platform so that this may work with a Proclip vehicle mount. The charging power is supplied via the cigarette lighter, with up to 10W of Qi certified charger power.

Magic Mount Pro XL - This is a magnetic phone mount like the above Pro charge, minus the wireless charging ability. This will not work with devices with hard drives as the magnetic field can damage the hard drive.

Dual T mount -The Dual T mount will work with any mount that uses the AMPS hole pattern, such as the Cobb Accessport factory holster.

How to order:

Please PM us or email to to set up an order.

1. Pick a vehicle mount
2. Pick out a device mount style
3. Please send us your phone model and phone case type, along with your shipping ZIP code so we can get you an accurate quote and guarantee compatibility.
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