OSRAM LEDriving condensation


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Hi, let me share you story about my OSRAM LEDriving headlights on my GOLF 7.
I have bought lights 12/2019 and compared to original halogen lights they are massive improvement. Better and much brighter light, better light color, better looks of the car etc.

In the past the light on passanger side got some condensation but it disappeared after few days. After contacting OSRAM support I was told that some condensation or moisture or fog in light is normal because the headlight is not hermetically sealed.

This summer the condensation in the same light on passanger side got visibly worse and there was permanent fog and water in the light:

After few days the daylight led stopped working:

I contacted OSRAM support and they have decided that even though headlights are not under warranty anymore that they will send me new headlight for free. (y) After few weeks of communication and waiting for them to ship the headlight I got it in the mail 2 days ago (y)

Anyway if your OSRAM headlights start to have condensation inside I suggest you claim the warranty with OSRAM straight away, or if the headlights are not under warranty anymore try to reseal them ⚠️. The lowest point of the headlight is small metallic box where are the wires from leds inside go:

This box contains controller board for the headlight and because it is lowest point of the headlight this is where all the water inside the light will end up eventually destroying the board⚠️ ⚠️ :



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There is a difference between condensation and visible water in the housing. A normal, non sealed unit will get condensation in it periodically but that should burn off in a few minutes of the light being on. It should be no worse that walking into a room from the cold and having your eyeglasses fog up.

Any actual water droplets (like in your photo) are an indication (as you noticed) of a problem. You've had a lot of water in there.

Good to hear that Osram fixed it.


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That's great they sent you a new light! FWIW, I'm going on 2 years on their 7.5 lights and have had no condensation issues, even in the cool rainy WA winters.