MK7 1.8TSI Acceleration pedal postion and boost.


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Golf Mk7 1.8 tsi
Hello everyone,

I've been troubleshooting an issue with my vehicle's performance and I'd appreciate some insight. During my recent logging session, I observed fluctuations in boost pressure. While my target boost is 2.4 bar, I've noticed it intermittently reaching lower levels, sometimes as low as 2.2 bar or even less. This inconsistency concerns me, as it's impacting the vehicle's overall performance.

Additionally, I've observed that my acceleration pedal position doesn't surpass 65%. This limitation seems unusual and could potentially be linked to the boost issue or another underlying issue within the throttle system.

I'm considering cleaning the throttle valve body or performing some kind of adaptation to address these issues. However, before proceeding, I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions from fellow forum members who may have encountered similar issues or have expertise in this area.

Currently I am running Stage 1 on IS12 turbo, previosly I had problems with siezed wastegate, but i managed to fix it and wastegate seems to work properly now.

Thank you in advance for your help and insights.

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Your boost req/act looks normal/dead-on to me. Firstly, please do a single third gear WOT pull from around 2K to redline/shift...easier to see what is going on.