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I wanted a cheap-ass swing/tilt lens, so I settled for the Lens Baby composer. It's really not a tilt lens since it doesn't tilt the focal plane... it rather selects the focal spot... see:

Quick pic I took of my home-dawg shinin' up a turbo

There's no longer a perpendicular focal plane, but rather a little "focal orb" or "sweet spot" as LensBaby calls it. I kinda like it, but it looks too much like something I could do with photoshop.

In this instance, the fact that DoF is not so much an issue as area of focus helped me get everything I wanted in focus using a large aperture (f/2.8)

Something a normal 50mm lens would not allow me to do. I'm not completely sold on it, but I think i'll keep it :)

With the double-glass optic, it's fairly sharp, but using it at f/2 (wide open) is not as sharp. These pictures were all at f/2.8 (the aperture is selected by dropping in different soft-metal discs with different sized holes - pretty neat)

In this shot, the lens was as straight as I could get it - chromatic aberrations were actually BETTER than my 85 f1.8 at max aperture!

And finally, it could be pretty cool for portraits :)

Got one? share your pics! I'll keep this updated.

FYI, the ones that were actually sharp were shot w/ live view, the other ones through the viewfinder. I gotta adjust my shit a little I guess.
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Dude you need to stop buying extra stuff for your camera and just get better at taking pics. Add the extra stuff in later. You create threads about not liking any of your work but you havent created a foundation to build from. Lens babies are nice and I plan on getting one, my buddy who is Ryaaannn on here has one.