Got APR is38 TCU tune? need your input


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I've asked a few pros but wanted to get some input.

At around 30-35 in S mode if I go WOT, it drops from 4th to 3rd or sits in 3rd and just bogs down then takes off.

But in D mode going 30-35 at WOT, it drops down to 2nd and launches like a rocket.

I'm getting the DSG reflashed but I wanted to make sure I wasn't chasing ghosts.

Manual mode keeps throwing overboost faults at redline in 3rd but not in D or S mode too so that's annoying.

Going to do wastegate adjustment and reflash the ECU too.

Just curious on other experiences.


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You're not going to want to hear this but...

As good as apr ecu tunes are, their tcu tunes have always been suspect. Even when operating well. Other competitors are better, um, uni etc

If ya dig, you'll find at least a few customers who got annoyed enough to eat the $$$ and switch tcu tunes to a competitor. I have 2 R's both ecu/tcu tuned by um and never had any weirdness with either, dsg apr customers who have been in or driven either car always comment on how much better UM's tcu tune is. If ya can get your money back and switch to something else, I would. After being in, and driving a few apr tcu tuned myself, I'd never pay for theirs.

Plenty will chime in that they're happy, and I'll bet never have driven another brands tcu tune, ignorance is bliss! If they have, they'll at least admit competitors tcu is better if not already switched to it. Good luck bud, it's a pia

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I'd go get my money back, APR's TCU tune is the only one in the industry with bad reviews...and it seems to be the same issues with every car I've read about


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Enough on the apr tcu tune out there just have to dig
Find new one is my opinion


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Well I posted this in the wrong group but I'm GTI and was stage 2 with their TCU for like a year. It worked magically.

Now that I'm is38 the file they flashed just seems wonky. I'll flash it again and see if it makes a difference.

The upgrade to the is38 map didn't cost any extra.