Full custom Mk7 Golf Audio System Gladen & Mosconi


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I’m looking at selling a full custom sound system for a Mk7 Golf, from some of my earlier posts, many will be aware of the time I spent researching the elements of this system.

So why did I buy it and then not fit the system? Simply a change of circumstances, the Mk7 R was going to be my every day driver, and then in March this I changed my role – and ended up doing the miles in an A6 BiTDi which already had Bose.

The Mk7 R is now being driven by my other half, and by me whenever I can get the keys. As it’s on a 2 year PCH and only driven occasionally, I cannot justify having this installed. Everything is as new and has all been UK sourced (mainly from Monster Audio)

I know I stand to lose some (significant) money – but would genuinely prefer it to be used by someone on this forum than end up sat in my garage.
The brief I set out with was to compile a system that did not require any stock wiring to be cut – and this system delivers that. A custom loom takes the signal from the H/U and feeds it back to a quadlock based loom which will take the signal to the amp, the amp has built in high level to low level conversion, and a DSP that can be programmed from a laptop piece of software (I’d provide links to anyone who is interested)

The door speakers have adapter looms included (and spacers), and the factory speaker wire would be utilised to take the signal to the doors, the only piece of wiring that is not plug and play will be to take the power feed from the battery in the engine bay to the boot

I’m looking to try and recover £800 for the whole system – if anyone is interested we can look at couriers etc. although I would prefer to meet face to face if possible.

This really is the whole system, all cables, fitting hardware and instructions to fit. Any competent car audio fitter or competent DIY installer would be able to install this without any damage to the trim and OEM wiring of the Mk7.

This would genuinely be the finishing touches to any Mk7 without Dynaudio (or any R which cannot have it specified!!)

What’s included?

Gladen one 165 sqx mk7 - front components which are custom fit for the mk 7 – the highest grade of custom fit components by Gladen


Gladen sqx08 vb - lovely looking little enclosed sub (love the stitched surround on the sub cone - sad I know!!) – again the highest grade of their enclosed sub range


Mosconi 120.4 dsp - will run 2 ch for the front components and then 2 x bridged for the sub


2ch 5m quad lock - to take the signal from the headunit and then return the speaker signal without needing to route additional cable into the door apertures.


Finally, one of the Fischer Audio looms which will allow the feed to be taken from the Golf Mk7 head unit with absolute no changes required to the factory wiring.

Plus the power (inc fuse holder) & ground cables.

The Fischer Audio cable is preconfigured to allow the headunit to continue providing a feed to the rear speakers as “fill” to the whole system.