EQT Sensor Package for Big Turbo Applications

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2017 RS3 + AWD Mk6
EQT Sensor Package

EQT Sensors are now available and shipping!
We're proud to announce the addition of our own PUT Sensor! As well as a new reduced price on our TMAP!

Both sensors are available for individual sale or as a package!
Like our MAP Sensor, this new PUT sensor is also capable of reading up to 5 Bar so you'll never have to worry about sensor limitations ever again!

For ease of installation and tuning, our new PUT sensors scale exactly like our current EQT MAP sensor.

Whenever upgrading your turbocharger to a larger than stock unit, and looking to produce more than 29Psi of boost pressure (Manifold Relative Pressure / Boost) you need to upgrade your TMAP and PUT Sensor in order to allow the ECU proper visibility and control over the pressure.

With our sensor package, you have a plug-and-play solution to do just that!

This package includes two parts;
  • EQT 5 Bar TMAP (Temperature / Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor that plugs right into the OEM location on top of the intake manifold and utilizes a factory connector so no wiring, adapter harness, or need to modify your intake manifold!
  • EQT 5 Bar PUT (Post Upstream Throttle) that is installed right into your OEM or aftermarket throttle pipe.
Installation Locations
The EQT 5 Bar TMAP will go in place of the OE G71/G42 sensor as seen in the diagram below, the 5 Bar PUT sensor will go in place of the OE G31 Sensor.

TMAP & PUT Sensor Scaling for Tuners

0.5v0 Bar0.0 mbar0 kpa
4.5v5 Bar5000 mbar500 kpa

Your ECU may use different units for scaling. While metric units are just a matter of moving the decimal, the commonly found units are provided above.