ECS off via button.


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Have EU version MK7 Estate, 1.4TSI 103kW manual. Electrical "handbrake" and kessy.
My car doesn't have separate button to disable ASR. It can be done via Radio OSD, Car-Setup.

Tried this coding with VCDS 14.latest (not beta) with no luck. Changing byte 29 always fails, esc and brake light start to flash in car dashboard. Changing ESC mode via radio OSD also fails 'function not available'.
The car has to be shutdown to remove esc&brake light flashing. ESC always stay on.
I tried the coding the car running, or
I can paste my VCDS coding info from my car and some VCDS photos if needed.

Would like to have some help to remove ESC from my car...
I also tried the other tip to change the car to bench test mode. With that I got warning tone, ESC off to dashboard. ESC was off for maybe 10m and then kicked back in. Didn't test this again to confirm.

There is a option in 03 ABS brakes -adaption-electronic stability control: activated/not activated. In my car it was 'not activated'. Didn't test changing that value.

I've learned from German forum that ESC can be disabled by coding with another cable and software, VCP
But I'm hopeful that somehow it can be done with VCDS....


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It's the button on the bottom left here:


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I'm very interested in the switch pn as well, my US TDI doesn't have it. I have the same radio menu mentioned above. Would be great if someone with the button could trace where it plugs into the harness as well. I'm wondering if it's plug and play with Vcds or a pain.


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you mean u press for 10 seconds and it says esc sport? thats not really turning off traction control completely, however, it has less limits than asr for sure.

Maybe someone locally in the Long Island area with a vagcom cable wants to meet up for a beer and help me do this?

side note, and the reason I quoted you @Tkulhanc134 is that I think I found a glitch or something in the asr/esc button....

After originally reading about someone with the eurodyne tune saying that they could disable it by holding it for 10 secs, i said "what the heck ill try it"

held it for 15 secs... and believe it or not, it went from asr off, to esc sport, to NOTHING.... no dash light nothing at all came up even while spinning the tires...couldnt even enable it or turn it back on after that without turning the whole car off and back on.

did i break it? was it disabled? lol. Having never used/or owned a vagcom i can assure I didnt change anything. my car is the way i bought it... I just want to be sure I'm not crazy! can someone else try this and confirm? maybe we dont even need to use vagcom??

I did a test run and it seemed as if I could spin the tires freely, but to be sure I wanted a second opinion! I have a 2015 US spec csg gti with dsg


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If you are worried, just change it back and clear codes before you go to the dealer. My dealer was amazed when I rolled my windows down with the fob...

i seriously wish I had a freaking vcds compatible computer and vag com cable. I only have linux :confused: if I bought a cable it wouldnt work would it??


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You can not completely disable esc without vagcom on the mk7 GTI. You can put it in sport mode following the procedure you outlined. The instructions I provided change which modes the button provides, ie change from short press asr off/long press esc sport to short press esc sport/long press esc off.

Either way you should be able to turn everything back on with a short press, not with restarting the car.