Detailing Wheels & run down


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I decided to do a full detail of my wheels yesterday. It's a bitch to do, but the results speak for themselves. Amazing how much crap came off with the clay bar.
It did help that I have a car lift to help take all the wheels off at the same time.
My process was:
1.Chemical Guys - Diablo Wheel Wash mixed strong to soak for 10mins than washed and scrubbed with a lambs wool mitt
2. Clay Bar inside & face of the wheels - very important, got so much stuff off, made the inside feel like glass.
3. Washed again with diluted Diablo Wheel Wash
4. Jet Seal 109 sealant applied & left for for 20mins and buffed off. - coated the outside of the brake calipers at the same time.
5. Chemical Guys Wheel Wax Guard applied as a final coated over the whole wheel.
6 Chemical Guys - Tire Gel applied when wheels back on the car

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They've actually been pretty good, the brake dust doesn't stick anywhere near as much. Hit it with a high pressure cleaner and they come up pretty good


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Nice. They are still pretty good, hit them with a high pressure hose & they come out pretty clean. The calipers are still doing the same even with the extra heat on them.


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Nice job, i always think it's well worth while cleaning/sealing/waxing the wheels. I'm going to try Gtechniq Crystal Serum on my (GTD santiago's) this week.


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I am a newbie and have enjoyed the posts I have read. Just took delivery on 2015 Tornado Red GTI SE with same rims as Dawson has shown on this thread. They are good looking, but on examination i detected a coating on the surface of the metal. Sure enough, checking with my auto body man today, he advised me that the wheel is a three layer coating over some kind of alloy substrate. The first coat is clear coat, the second chrome paint, the top coat is clear coat. I mention this because owners with these wheels should consider the risk of damaging the clear coat with harsh cleaners and abrasive cleaners. I did not see any mention of this in the owners manual. I would welcome comments on this issue, but what I have seen makes sense to me.