Canadian TDI goodwill package?


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It seems TDI owners in the US are already getting their $1k "goodwill" packages from VW.

All I've gotten from VW Canada is a letter saying they're working on a solution to the problem. Anybody here heard of anything similar to what they're getting in the US?


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Got an email about this this evening, apparently we can get it starting December 7th. Similar to the US one:

$1000 (of which $500 can be spent outside of a dealership) and 3-year unlimited km roadside assistance.

The way read it, seems to be limited to owners of affected models, not lessees.


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Dear Volkswagen Owner,

Volkswagen Canada would like to provide registered Owners of affected 2.0L TDI vehicles with a gesture of goodwill for your continued patience – a $1,000 Owner Credit Package that can be used at your Volkswagen Dealership towards vehicle care costs, accessories or other expenses related to your vehicle. Or, use up to half towards purchases anywhere credit cards are accepted. Also included – No-Charge 24-Hour Roadside Assistance for three years.

You will be able to register for your Owner Credit Package starting this Monday, December 7, 2015 at

We will remind you on Monday to ensure you do not miss out on your package.

Owner Credit Package FAQs

1.What is the Owner Credit Package and who is eligible for this Package?
Current owners and lessees of 2.0L TDI vehicles affected by the emissions issue are eligible for the Owner Credit Package which consists of:
1.$500 for use at Volkswagen Dealerships only;
2.A further $500 for use at your Volkswagen Dealership or anywhere credit cards are accepted and;
3.No-Charge 24-Hour Roadside Assistance for three years, with unlimited mileage.

Our records show that your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is eligible for this offer.

2.I previously entered my information on Do I need to enter my information again to register for the Owner Credit Package?
Yes. In order to claim your Owner Credit Package you will need to register starting Monday, December 7, 2015.

3.How long does it take to receive the Owner Credit Package?
Your Owner Credit Package should arrive within 6 weeks of registering online. After your Owner Credit Package arrives, you will need to visit your dealership for card activation. We recommend activating your Owner Credit Package as soon as possible.

If it has been more than 6 weeks since you registered and your Owner Credit Package hasn’t arrived, please contact Volkswagen Customer CARE at 1-800-822-8987.

4.Will I have to forfeit my right to take legal action or to receive other compensation in the future if I accept this offer now?
No. You will NOT forfeit your right to take legal action or to receive other compensation in the future if you accept this offer now. We are providing this package as a gesture of goodwill for your continued patience as we work to develop a correction for your vehicle.

5.Are any vehicles excluded from the Owner Credit Package?
Yes, there are certain customers that are excluded from the program. Fleet vehicles and vehicles owned by Volkswagen Group Canada, Volkswagen Dealers, or Volkswagen Credit (such as those that are part of the employee lease program), unregistered vehicles owned by independent Dealers and wholesalers, and vehicles purchased on or after December 4, 2015 are not eligible for this Owner Credit Package.

Thank you,

Volkswagen Canada

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Since I just got my car in August, the Roadside Assistance add-on is useless since the car comes with 4 years anyway. Too bad they didn't offer something better for 2015s, but i guess I'm nitpicking.