Bad rattle at around 4k rpm


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2017 Mk7 gti

I have 2 recordings of this happening but it happens all the time and can easily be replicated. 2017 mk7 gti eqt stage 2. Mods are cts catless downpipe, ie v2 intake, arm fmic. I’ve tried putting foam under the intake to see if that was it but it was not. Sounds like it’s coming from the passenger side engine bay but i’m unsure. Any help would be appreciated.


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Check the dp v-band, it may be loose. Check the heatshields (turbo and under the car) something it's loose.
When the car is cold put it on ramps get the plastic underbelly thing (pos) out and check manually for something that maybe loose, follow the DP towards the exhaust of the car.


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These are traditionally difficult to diagnose since they tend to be at a specific RPM which causes the loose part to resonate at that frequency and, on ramps, it's not producing that resonance (generally no one gets under their car with their friend inside running it and pressing the pedal - not a good idea) so it's tough to find.

Pretty much the only thing you can do is recheck all the attachments with all the new parts and what might have been loosened while all that was installed and see if a bolt is loose and tighten everything. It's kind of high pitched which tends to indicate a metal part vibrating. I had a loose heat shield in one of my cars for years that only was audible as it passed through around 2500RPM and I hated it but got over it and just pressed the pedal a bit harder to get through that RPM quicker.