Automatic Window Closing when it rains (not working)

Shy Guy

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Mk7 Autobahn
I saw there was the ability to code the windows to close when the car senses rain. I plugged in my ODBeleven and followed these steps:

6. Automatic rain closing
Go into [09] Central Electronics
Go into Secuity Access and enter 31347
Go to adaptation channels and set the following:
- (15) Access Control 2 - Regenschliessen_ein aus (Rain Closing on / off) - Select Active
- (16) Access Control 2 - Regenschliessen_art (Rain closing Type) set to Permanent
- (28) Access Control 2 - Menuesteuerung Regenschliessen (Menu Control Rain close) – Set to Active (enables the menu in the ifotainment screen)

9 Central Electronics
Rain and light sensor (RLHS)
Byte 0…Enable Bit 2 “Regenschliessen aktiv”. (rain closing active)
Bit 1 should be active too….Regenlicht aktiv (rain light active)

but it still doesn't work. I have my headlights set on auto and I put the wipers on auto as well (or Int). Nadda. I also have comfort windows to close with keyfob if that helps?