Alltrack intro.


Ready to race!
Yesterday I had a chance to tag along as the VW Canada rep did an intro of the Alltrack for the sales staff at a local dealer.

I have a '15 TDI Golf Sportwagon and prefer the standard wagon ride height to the lifted models; i.e. Audi Alllroad and Subaru Outback. The Alltrack was a bit of a surprise in that the whole "lifted wagon" premise wasn't as severe as the others. I didn't get to go on the test ride, but my salesman said it sucked up the worst piece of washboard on their test route really well.

Except for a couple of extra buttons on the shifter console the interior was indistinguishable from the Sportwagon. Price will start at $35k CDN.

The VW rep confirmed the 4Motion system will be available on all three trim levels of the Sportwagon in the near future, so that would probably be the route I'd go as I'm still not a fan of the black plastic body cladding and lift.