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    What would you do?

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    I'm all out of beer :(

    I have run out of beer :(
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    Have you ever had a time/point in your life where a song attached itself to the situation you were in be it painful or joyful? Post up what was going on and the songs that belong to it: GF is gone now/going from college to the Army/Getting my first cool car after such a long time away... Blue...
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    Shes so beautiful it hurts but I bet...

    She is SUCH A SUPERFICIAL BITCH! Olivia from that show The City... I just, :drool: and not in that childish "you're so hot I wanna bang you" kind of way just... FUCK I'M NOT RICH AND I DON'T LIKE SNOTTY BITCHES!
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    New years to the families of the loved and lost

    So many people use up there new years resolutions on losing weight, hoping to get a raise, wishing they get this or that. I'd like to post this belated new years wish to the families of those who have lost someone in this war. Also on top of that I would like to send my prayers to them and that...
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    Runners post

    I have to take a PT test on the 9th. I need to run two miles in 16:36 for my age group and it will be outside in PA. The run is a straight concrete sidewalk mile, turn around and run on the same side back. Info for ref: -I am running on a treadmill, my most recent time was 15:23 on a brand new...
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    I need a ride

    I am looking for a ride from State College, PA (Penn State) to Pittsburgh so I can catch a plane for Christmas. I will contribute to the travel costs. PM me if youre going that way.
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    Piano song thread

    Post your favorite songs that have PIANO in em, it could be slow stuff or hard stuff. If it's got PIANO in it. Post up.
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    What would you do in my situation?

    My eligibility is coming up for my $25,000 bonus soon and I am going to be buying a car with it. I have thought of numerous scenarios and options but I'd like some input on how to go about it. Don't say invest, don't say buy a house. I'm buying a car with it. That is that so respond accordingly...
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    Do want

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    Does anyone want to sell their cell phone?

    I have ATT and as long as the phone is an ATT phone it will work with any sim card. I'm looking for a new phone or even one to use as a back up and I'm sure some one has gotten a new phone or wants to get a new phone and replace their current one and has some they don't use to post them up. What...
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    Must have goodies for Christmas

    Post what you think are must have goodies for Christmas. Whether they cost a buck, or $500.00
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    If a girl has slept with _____ men I won't bother with her

    I was always wondering how many guys a girl has to have on her list before you lose all interest. Some say they don't want to know but I HAVE to know. I think it says a ton about a person, whether they are going to bang out three dudes if you get into a fight, or if they really were or were not...