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    Looking at silver V710's. I am thinking 18x8.5 ET35. I would like to to run 235 or 245's. I have an MK7 GTI with VWR and Neuspeed sways. Will I rub? Currently running stock with the ECS flush kit. Occasional slight rub on the screw on dips. Doesn't bother me since its not leaving marks on the tire. Running PSS.
    Can you let me know the weight on the V710 18x8.5 ET 45 in Gunmetal?
    Furthermore, are you also working on different colors for the V710FF?
    Thx in advance for your help.
    Hi there
    I was in contact with a local business who specializes in wheels and he mentioned to me that they can get VMR wheels for my Mk7. They also told me that I can trade my current GTD alloys in as well. My car is only 5 months old and my wheels are perfect with no scrapes and I was wondering how much GTD wheels are actually worth to buy without tires. I thought id ask you seeing as you specialize on this kinda thing. Any info would be appreciated.

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