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  • Sounds good thanks for your input. 400 to the wheels is my goal on pump then later on see what I could do with it on a E blend and/or wmi
    Hey sugarmouth, I’ve just recently purchased to l450 and should be getting it installed soon and been reading you and a few other have it as well. How’s the power band feel and any idea roughly what numbers you are putting down on a dyno?
    Hey There I saw a post in the VWR Springs thread that you went to H&R OE Sports. Wondering what you thought about them. BTW Car looks great with the dark Neuspeed rims!
    How do you like it so far? What kind of gains did you see? I have the AWE Track exhaust and downpipe, will be adding the 034 intake as well. Will probably do the ECU and DSG tunes.
    Hey was curious if you could give me some insight on the UM tune? With their site being down for maintenance I haven't been able to see what kind of gains they're claiming. A couple friends have said nothing but good things about UM and I will probably go that route in the spring with ECU and DSG tunes.
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