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  • hi there steve what sort of ££££ were the Helios wheels looking for a set my self thanks
    Hey steve

    im looking into getting a set of R led lights for my gti, the identical pair you got for Bubuski on this forum. I would also need the adapters. Drop me a pm if you would be able to do this for me.

    hi that your gti on the milltek site?
    wanted to know i have the full milltek system .but this is more performance`?i also have stage 2 revo?..but just wanted to know the diffrance between the exhaust systems?
    sorry for my spelling but im afrikaans.
    Hi Dimitry, the parts are listed on the LED lights thread for the US Spec version with no fog lights. Thanks, Steve
    hi STEVE. i AM iN USA. what configuration of the LEd r lights i need to get to make it work with no errors and no fog light. Thank you. Dimitry
    Hi Stu,

    Drop me a PM with your address details and I can get a quote for the shipping.

    Also let me know what username you registered with and I will sort your account on their.


    Hey Steve,
    I'm in Australia and interested in getting a set of the cherry R LED rear lights. We have the same spec as UK so I'll need Q & L lights. Can you supply? Or give me an idea where to get them as the German ebay only sells P & L.
    Ive been trying to send you a message on but I can't log in as my activation code isn't coming through to my email.

    Please reply with a UK pounds price including postage.


    Stu (ex pat from Derby)
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