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  • Hi my name is Alan,

    I have a 2017 mk7 gti mt with a map intake and catless downpipe on the way no tune, in your experience. What is a good tuning route to take. Seeing as you already have a is38 turbo. I’m unsure what time to buy Cobb/AP/uni/um. Only 5159 racing is near me and another I have never heard of, 400 whp is the end game goal, thank you for your time any advice would be greatly appreciated ����
    The difference between the 91 & 93 is just timing. The higher octane the more timing they add to the file. According to my logs, the boost pressures are the same. It just has a few degrees of more timing.
    I hope you don't mind if I ask u some questions!
    can help me with this!
    I noticed that you are running a similar set up as my car, and I've been reading all the pages but I haven't found anything related to the real differences btw the Is38 91oct vs 93 oct, does it change the pressure of the turbo?
    I have already posted here in the forum so if you have some time you can read it and see my story with my car.
    Thank you in advance!!!
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