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    The most helpful as well as up-to-date information I found on that subject.supra sport Indeed pleased that I found your webpage by accident. Jordans SneakersI will be opting-in to the feed in order that I will have the newest updates. Truly appreciate the information here.
    Thanks man. The wheels feel great. If I remember (it's been awhile) they are around 20 lbs. and the Detroits are like 29 lbs. I think the car drives better with them (but that could all just be in my head though). I have a set of 16" Audi rims going on this winter, so that will be a whole different ballgame there.
    OOO and forgot to ask but, How do the lighter wheels feel, Ive looked at the Nurbugring's before and am worried that their not quite light enough in comparison to like an Enkei RPF1 or soemthing. Do they feel lighter than stock? I'm looking for a nimbler feel over the detroits.
    Micah, good to see you today. Let me know if I can be of an help getting you in touch with the 3zero3 motors let's guys. They take great care of my car and I trust them to do my tuning. My email is and I am on facebook as well. Maybe we can plan a gTi gtg someday for the Colorado crowd. Take care. Chat soon.

    Thanks for the compliment. Here's a pic (sorry... it's only the really good photo I have).

    The rims are 18x8" TSW Nurburgrings, with the stock Pirelli's on stock suspension.

    where can i see some pics of your car?

    what set of rims/tires/coil overs do you have on them?

    Nice ride!
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