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  • Hey,

    Do you know how to solve a chain tensioner rattle noise at hot engine? When is cold and start-up I cant hear nothing of rattle.
    When engine becomes hotter, the rattle starts.

    Thank you.

    If you want it louder you should remove the emissions equipment and get a tune. This isn't a cheap proposition. You have 3 cats and 1 DPF after the turbo, that's why the car is so quiet. The muffler does nothing.
    Quick question bro so straight piping my car was
    Honestly pointless?? Or is there something i
    Can do to get it louder??
    They are from tire-rack.
    Offset: 48mm
    Backspacing: 6.10"
    Bolt Pattern: 5-112
    Rec. Tire Size:225/45-17
    Weight: 18.5lbs.
    hey i found one of your threads on this forum on google. it was about the hpfp or what ever the initials are. do you still use the stanodyne product in your tank still?
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