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    hey man you live in hampshire? i live in burlington we should cruise sometime man
    Still can’t decide which one I should buy! I like Hermes, but Prada looks beautiful as well. And there are many more shinning watches. Cartier, Rolex etc. Too many things I want to buy.
    If you were me, which one do you want best? Oh, yes, the store is the biggest online luxury store. You can find about all brands you knew.

    calendar watch movado
    Haha ight forsure, hit meup if ure ever around here 224 406 5122. Check out the chicago forum its got details on thst 22nd meet. Lol I would loved to see u kill a 911.
    I raced a porsche 911 turbo a couple weeks back and smoked him bye 3 car lengths, gotta love weight and launch capabilities!
    Haha seriously?? Dude I was up there friday night, lol. And sweet man ill try to come, shit just txt me, 1224-489-7135 and we can meet up sometime and just shoot the shit or what not
    Haha yeah love drivin the gti in summer. Xhaleeeee I live 5 minutes from there, I go there often haha. your lucky, i dont know ANYONE with gti's around here. But theres a mert at hooters by woodfield on the 22nd so im gonna try and meet some gti guys lol.
    Haha yeah not many of us youngsters rockin the mk6. I go to Fremd high school. You should come over by me for some dub meets man, I know some good ones.
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