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  • Hi Jerry. Thanks for the compliment! Eurojet or APR would be fine, remember a downpipe is a downpipe essentially, as long as it fits without leaks. My downpipe was catted too, it was a 200-cell ceramic cat which flows better than the 400-cell cats in some downpipes. There was a slight smell with my 200 cell cat at times, but for the most part there was no smell at all. Catless - some people like the smell, some don't mind, some hate it. The thing with catless though is that you'll fail emissions if you live somewhere that has that test. Also if NJ has a sniffer emissions test you may still fail with a 200 cell cat.
    I've got a full APR turboback. It's pretty quiet and refined except when you're getting aggressive - then it's very loud. I would recommend Milltek 3in race series, APR, or maybe Apkropovic - depends on how much $$$ you want to spend. 42DD and Eurojets are pretty popular also.
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