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    OEM Wireless charger

    Does the wireless charger require being plugged into the MIB? Or can I just tap the power and be done with it? I don't really care about the notification, I'll be able to tell via CarPlay if its working. The antenna part sounds interesting but not sure its worth the hassle.
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    Automatic Front and Rear Braking

    In the manual it says if you continue pushing the accelerator it doesn't brake. I've found thats accurate. If you take your foot off the gas while it pops up then you're gonna be braking.
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    MIB2 - Virtual Cockpit - ACC & Cruise Control and other retrofits - remote coding - ODIS online

    Yep. If you have the discover media pro (if you have the 8" matte screen on 2017 Golf R's in Canada/USA you do), you can get the MIB2 reprogrammed 100%. If you don't have the 8" matte screen you'll have to check what model your MIB brains are and they'll let you know. They need to physically...
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    DSG dropping into neutral

    Is is the 6 speed or the 7 speed dsg?
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    euro Golf R dynamic main beam xenon headlights

    Part numbers? Also what kind of coding changes? They look really nice, I'm jealous.
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    GTI TCR hatch spoiler lip

    Did you end up getting the TCR one ?
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    MIB2 - Virtual Cockpit - ACC & Cruise Control and other retrofits - remote coding - ODIS online

    @simaservis1108 if I have a Canadian 2017 Golf R, does that mean I have MIB2 High? I'm basically looking to install the 9.2" glass display but don't want to change the unit. Also after changing is it possible to just change it back to the 8" screen if I sell the car or do I need to do more...
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    Rear Louver?

    Quality tint installed properly shouldn't bubble. Many places will give a lifetime or 10 year warranty on it too. My tint is 5+ years old and hasn't bubbled.
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    VW vs Audi Brake Rotors

    I have Zimmerman blank rotors on the front and they rust exactly as much as OEM do.
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    Dumb coolant question

    It'll say on the bottle. My OEM VW G13 coolant bottle says pre-mixed do not add water.
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    Wireless CarPlay Adapters

    Also ordered the Carlinkit 4.0 to try it out. I have the 3.0 and it works fine, but I remember going from 2->3 made the unit noticeably more responsive so its worth the $ to me. Have to figure out what to do with the older ones. I guess my fiends with a VW will get a nice gift lol.
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    Arteon Style Blind Spot Mirror Cap Installation

    Anyone try the MK8 mirror caps? Seem identical except that they have the BSM light setup like this.
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    Anyone else find Mk7 Seats uncomfortable?

    From a crashed RS3? Make sure they haven't had the airbags deployed. Definitely would be a fun/frustrating/rewarding project lol.
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    NAR 2021 Maps Available for Download for MST2 (MIB2)

    Does this work in the MIB2's that store the data on the device itself (not on an SD card)? Pretty sure my 2017 R doesn't use the SD card for maps but will double check.
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    Who is seriously gonna buy a MK8 R?

    Maybe I'm in the minority opinion but I think the MK8 R looks great. Yeah I don't like touch screens or the front bumper shape, but everything else I think they knocked it out of the park. Won't be upgrading because my car is paid off and I don't want to spend the $$$.