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    Hi ECS,
    I am looking for 5x98 to 5x112 adapters
    Do you guys carry the adapters?
    Thank you in advance!
    Hello, i was wondering if you had the load rating and actual weight of you Alzor style 604 wheel in specs 18x8 et 45 (the weight on the site seems a little to low). Thank you!
    Hi, I ordered 3/19/13 a set of FK's Highsport (order # 161-381-434) and they were supposed to be shipped on April 4th. Someone from sale dep. emailed me saying that my Paypal didn't worked. I've been emailing him back with no success.

    1 - Do you still have this item in stock ? (new ETA says July and I hope mine is on hold in stock at ECS)

    2 - May I PLEASE have a new invoice that I could pay with PAYPAL sent at my email address?

    3 - When should I expect my order to be shipped ?

    Your order is correct - as these will fit stock wheels too, please contact customer service if you have any other concerns.
    Quick question.. I just placed an order via phone and spoke to a sales rep
    earlier tonight for H&R 10mm spacers and 12mm spacers. I will be using these with stock wheels. But on the order receipt the 10mm spacers ES#1831830 state that they are for "aftermarket" wheels. I called back the sales rep and he said it wouldn't be a problem but I see that you have the 10mm spacers specifically for oem wheels. Is this gonna fit properly or can you guys fix my order?

    Quick question.

    I just installed and coded my new ecs led tail lights using this method:

    "09 Central electrics module, enter 07 coding, change Byte 18 over to bit 15. Your coding my vary by previous changes or options installed."

    Although. After doing this my right drl is not working and my left reverse light is on. Any ideas for a different coding method that might fix this issue ??

    Thanks guys!
    LED European taillights require the following coding changes, must use VCDS programing software to perform the following.

    09 Central electrics module, enter 07 coding, change Byte 18 over to bit 15. Your coding may vary by previous changes or options installed.

    (ECS does not offer tech support for coding of these lights)
    Hi there ecs. I recently purchased a set of the led mkvi tail lights. With the harness that's included, will I still have to do some coding to the vehicle? Its a 2013 gti

    Thank you
    Unfortunately, no "group buy" at this time - Please keep checking the site for sales and updates!
    Do you guys do group buy? A few of us are interested in the OEM Euro MK6 LED tail lights.
    wasnt sure how to I M you... so i thought i would sent the message here... im wanting to change my front turn signals to leds. do you have a part for this?
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